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ARDC & Professional Ethics

Law Firm Risk Management & Counseling

From our extensive defense of lawyers in legal malpractice claims and in ethics investigations, we have over the years witnessed some of the best “best practices” and, equally, some of the worst “worst practices.” We have thus developed a particular forte for advising lawyers on the basic and not-so-basic law firm risk management protocols – from insurance procurement to conflicts advice to broad-strokes legal ethics and office procedures – to which any law firm, whether consisting of one lawyer or five hundred, should adhere.

ARDC and Licensed Professionals Defense

With more than 20 years of experience before the ARDC, we have successfully defended hundreds of lawyers at every stage of investigation and prosecution including confidential investigations involving Himmel reports and mandated insufficient fund reports from banking institutions, representation in contested hearings before the Hearing Board, and on appeal before the Review Board and the Illinois Supreme Court.

We have also successfully represented numerous applicants for admission to the Illinois Bar at every stage of review before the Illinois Board of Admission to the Bar’s Committee on Character and Fitness, including contested hearings before a five-person panel.

Our representation of licensed professionals has also included the representation of accountants, insurance producers, physicians and other licensed professionals before the Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation (IDFPR), FINRA and other regulatory agencies.

Ethics and Malpractice Expert Services

Built on decades of experience in legal malpractice matters, formerly prosecuting cases at the ARDC, and defending hundreds of lawyers before the ARDC, we have served as consulting and testifying experts in ethics and legal malpractice proceedings in both state and federal courts.