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Corporate Dissolution & Corporate Formation

There is little else in our profession as messy as the dissolution of a law firm, and little else as fraught with peril as the formation of one. Case law arising from law firm dissolutions provides guidance, but no one law firm is the same as the next – and the traps that one can fall into when a law firm dissolves are no more similar. For the same reason, recycling the old operating agreement, as though it were a cookie cutter, as part of the law firm formation process is just as likely as not to lead one back to where one started.

The hazards facing law firms during the dissolution and formation processes are not unique to them alone. Professional corporations of all stripes – accounting firms, medical corporations, architecture firms – and closely-held and family-run businesses, face comparable though distinctive risks when forming, evolving or dissolving.

We help professionals and shareholders – those staying or those leaving – weather the storm and leave them free to move on with their personal and professional lives.

HOA & Condominium Association Services

The law governing Homeowners & Condominium Associations is always evolving and every claim is uniquely different. Parties in these cases, often enough members of the association, act on emotion and become entrenched in their position early on in the dispute, invoking words like “principle” and “unfair.” The context within which these claims are brought and the closeness in relationship between the parties (they share the same roof, after all) can make these claims particularly difficult to resolve.

We approach each case with an open mind, recognize that there is no “one size fits all” solution to homeowners’ disputes and develop creative solutions to reduce litigation costs and restore amicability to the association as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Small Business Litigation

Disputes amongst the owners of closely-held corporations are nothing new.  Born from family relationships and childhood friendships, small companies often hit a few bumps along the road.  Sometimes those bumps signal a parting of the ways amidst allegations of shareholder oppression, fraud, corporate waste and demands for accounting.  The resulting litigation can be energy-draining and drawn-out.  Hiring the right lawyer to help you navigate through these trying times can make all the difference.  Just ask a few of our satisfied clients.

Trust & Estate Litigation

Our deep knowledge and experience in all matters fiduciary has led to our retention by fiduciaries and beneficiaries alike in contested trust and estate litigation.  Whether the dispute arises from allegations of breach of fiduciary duty in trust administration, undue influence or intentional interference with an inheritance or expectancy in a contested will, or third-party claims against a trust’s or estate’s fiduciaries, we’ve been there and provide sound, bottom-line advice for meeting our clients’ litigation goals.