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Legal Ethics & Law Firm Risk Management

From our extensive defense of lawyers in legal malpractice claims and in ethics investigations, we have developed a particular forte for advising lawyers on the basic and not-so-basic law firm risk management protocols…learn more

Corporate Dissolution & Corporate Formation

There is little else in our profession as messy as the dissolution of a law firm, and little else as fraught with peril as the formation of one. Case law arising from law firm dissolutions provides guidance, but no one law firm is the same as the next…learn more

Legal Malpractice

For years we’ve been defending the legal profession against legal malpractice claims and ethical proceedings before the Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission, and against non-traditional (but seemingly on-the-rise) claims by third-parties to the relationship, such as defamation, conspiracy, aiding-and-abetting, malicious prosecution, Fair Debt Collection and civil RICO…learn more

Insurance Producer Malpractice

There is no shortage of claims an insurance producer may face when its customer gets hit with a lawsuit for which there is no coverage, or with a declaratory judgment complaint from its insurer. And that’s only one side of the spectrum. Insurance agencies and producers regularly face claims from the insurance companies for whom they place policies…learn more

Financial Advisory & Securities Litigation

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority – FINRA as it is more commonly known – is akin to a foreign jurisdiction for most lawyers. They don’t understand its rules, they can’t comprehend its idiosyncrasies. But we have been defending stock brokers, registered representatives and broker-dealers against customer- and industry-based claims for years, and those rules, those idiosyncrasies, are second nature to us…learn more

Accounting Malpractice & Auditing Malpractice

The world of accounting cuts wide and deep: bookkeeping; financial planning; tax preparation; compilations, reviews and audits. And the sources of claims for accounting malpractice and audit errors are no less broad: individuals, small businesses, family trusts, not-for-profit corporations and publicly traded companies…learn more

Design Malpractice

Architects and engineers often find themselves in the crosshairs when a structural component of a project fails, or the date for substantial completion slips past, or when the owner experiences significant cost-overruns…learn more

Real Estate Professional Claims

The system has been described as archaic, and its participants – the buyer and the sellers – as being motivated as much by reason as by emotion. It is thus no wonder that real estate professional claims abound. Add a difficult market to the mix, and a potpourri of claims against brokers, agents, appraisers, lawyers, title agents and companies, and mortgage holders is the inevitable result…learn more

For-Profit Boards & Entities

The scope of corporate responsibilities facing directors and officers has never been so broad. No matter how well-intentioned, every corporate decision carries the risk that a disgruntled shareholder or creditor may later claim the board’s action breached the duties of care, good faith or loyalty…learn more

Governmental Liability

We have defended state and local public entities, public agencies and officials in federal and state court and before administrative agencies. The scope of the claims we have defended is as far-reaching as the governmental entities we serve, but has included civil rights, First Amendment, defamation and false light claims, ineffective-assistance-of-counsel claims against defense counsel and suits against elected officials, officers and judges…learn more

Homeowners & Condominium Associations

The law governing Homeowners & Condominium Associations is always evolving and every claim is uniquely different. Claimants in these cases, often enough members of the association, act on emotion and become entrenched in their position early on in the dispute, invoking words like “principle” and “unfair.” The context within which these claims are brought and the closeness in relationship between the parties (they share the same roof, after all) can make these claims particularly difficult to resolve…learn more

Not-For-Profit Boards & Entities

Not-For-Profit Boards & Entities face unique challenges in government oversight, internal governance, employee relations and compensation. We have defended charitable organizations, trade associations, social clubs, condominium and homeowners associations…learn more

Consumer Protection & Fraud Class Action Litigation

The preamble to the Class Action Fairness Act states that abusive class actions have harmed class members with legitimate claims and defendants who have acted responsibly; adversely affected interstate commerce; and undermined public respect for the country's judicial system. Despite those criticisms, the number of class action claims filed and the nature and scope of actionable conduct has steadily grown…learn more

Environmental & Mass Tort

We have successfully defended some of the largest chemical manufacturers in the world, international hotel and retail chains, truck stops, gas stations and regional distributors and suppliers in the Environmental & Mass Tort arena…learn more